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Real Estate March 5, 2013 at 10:39 am

Window replacement recs?


I need to replace a few of the windows in my Shaw rowhouse.  Any recommendations for companies/contractors/etc.?  This will be my first time doing this, so any tips or advice would be helpful.  I am looking for something a little bit more soundproof than our current old windows to help drown out street noise. 
Thanks in advance!

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Long Windows is terrific, if expensive. They have some stuff that virtually eliminates noise. You can expect something like $800/window.

I am not certain to be honest. They have three versions, the top of the line, and then one just below it, and then a version that is similar to the windows you find at home depot. We got the just below top of the line (only difference is the locks aren’t quite as strong, and the lift bar isn’t as big)
Installation is certainly included. They did a really good job, and cleaned up everything so it was spotless before they left. I would highly recommend.

My parents replaced windows with BF Rich Horizon windows with Tuff-Glass (which is the sound reduction feature).  They’re pretty basic windows.  The sound reduction glass cost about $100 more per window.  My dad installed the windows himself, so the costs are very different, but for that level for just the parts buying from his local distributer, it was $240/window.  Obviously, the installation is a really important part–if they’re not installed properly, sound and air will get in around the frame of the window, but they’re happy with the product.

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