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Home and Garden August 6, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Window Fans & Ceiling Fans – Best Ones?


Hello everyone,
Which window fans (dual fan or box fan) and ceiling fans are the best?  I was looking on Amazon and there are mixed reviews, so it’s hard to tell.  For some reason, my fan has slowed down over the years.  Is that an issue with the motor or wiring? 
Thanks everyone!

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Minka Aire makes very nice ceiling fans.
Your fan slowing down is almost certainly an issue with the wiring (unless it’s hooked up to a defective speed controller)

I have had good luck with Hunter ceiling fans, installed by an electrician. Do not buy Home Depot or Lowe’s “house” brands since the cheap price isnt’ worth the rattling and wobbling. Timely post about box fans, mine just died this weekend so I need a new one.


Thanks everyone!  Has anyone installed a house fan?  If so, what kind and has it been effective?


 Dan’s Fan City on Rockville Pike has great fans, and he’s really knowledgeable about sizing, etc. I’ve bought several ceiling fans from him and install them myself.

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