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Home and Garden February 24, 2014 at 10:07 am

Wind power provider?

Hey PoP forum—
I’ve been sourcing my electricity from Clean Currents for the last year or so, but earlier this month they went out of business. I’d like to transfer my business to a new alternative provider but am not sure who to go with.

Do you use a wind/solar energy provider? If so, which one do you use and do you like them?

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We use Washington Gas Energy Services for wind power and have been happy with them. Not an expert but I believe you keep getting electricity from PEPCO but for every dollar of your bill they purchase that much wind power and offset your use elsewhere (closer to turbines).

Ethical Electric. All wind, locally based like Clean Currents.

I use Ethical Electric for my wind power supplier as well. They are HQd in Georgetown, a certified B-Corps, and provide local wind energy. I like Ethical Electric because 1) that they only supply 100% clean energy and 2) their mission is to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more just world through the power of clean energy.

The company has a referral program that rewards members $50 for signing up friends and family. My referral link is:
Sign up with me and then create your own referral account so we can fight climate change together! (and so we both receive $50 checks after 3 months of active service!)

Everyone has their own reason, but personally I joined Ethical Electric so that I know where my money is going every month: instead of paying for fossil fuels that all at once dump climate-changing pollution into our atmosphere, contaminate drinking water with industrial waste, and cause increased rates of cancer, asthma, and heart attacks– I’m paying for 100% clean, local, renewable energy.

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