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Home and Garden April 25, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Will someone recommend a local mover?

I’ll be moving from SE to Logan Circle in the next month or so. I’m looking for a reliable mover who won’t break my things and, more importantly won’t break my wallet. Any insight is much appreciated.

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Haul Zing moved me in February.  They showed up early, worked quickly, and were nice, professional guys.  Highly recommend them. 

Another vote here for Haul Zing. I used them back in September and they were outstanding. I felt their prices were very reasonable, especially considering what a good job they did.


I have used Smooth Movers/AK Movers twice now. They are fast, reliable, and nice. It cost $300 to move my 1 bedroom apartment locally.

Great Scott

+1 for bookstore movers.  Very professional and careful with my stuff.  The price is based on how much stuff (obviously) and distance from the truck to living space (# of stairs etc). Under $300 total for 2 hours to move my 1 bedroom. I have recommended to several friends who had great experiences as well.  

I got a recommendation through POP for my last move for A-Anytime Moving. They were great! They were more careful with our stuff than our previous movers, did the job faster, and cost half as much (~$450 to move a one-bedroom with a lot of stuff for 4 hours of work).

I highly recommend District Relocators.  I used them for a very complicated move 2 summers ago and they bent over backwards to accommdate us.  They were on time, flexible, and very affordable.

Was very pleased with Two Guys and a Truck when I used them a little over two years ago – the movers showed up early, helped me pack (I was running a little behind), busted their humps the whole time, came in under the estimate, didn’t ask for a tip, and when I asked what their typical tip was, they responded “whatever you’d like” (I still tipped generously, but it was nice not to have to deal with the shakedown I’ve dealt with in the past).

Another vote for Bookstore Movers.  The guys were agile and careful and wrapped everything and everything survived the move with nary a scratch.  You should get all that from your movers.  But what I didn’t expect was for them to be so funny and pleasant and smart as shhh.  One of the guys was a princeton alum and they both were hilarious as they rocked banter back and forth while carrying my dresser and then my boxes and so on.  Only move I’ve had that I’ve not considered just throwing things out the window and screaming at tape dispensers.

Bookstore movers are awesome service provider to their client; they always try to give their 100 % to the clients.


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