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Widwife and birthing center recommendations in DC

We are having our first baby and are inexperienced with navigating the healthcare system for pregnancy and delivery. We are interested in using a midwife and would ideally like to give birth in a birthing center attached to/near a hospital but don’t know of any reputable places in DC (if they even exist).

Does anybody have experience or recommendations for either how to go about finding this information out, or have recommendations for specific midwives in the area?

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My wife and I have used Birthcare twice. They’re based in Old Town and have a birth center there but also do home births. They have orientation sessions and can give you information on other well respected midwifery practices.

Hi, and congratulations! We used M.A.M.A.S. with my first pregnancy. They are fabulous. I thought I wanted a birth center too, but I met them, and they were the right fit for me–gave birth at home with great support. http://mamasmidwives.com/

There actually seems to be a lot of options in DC. I’m going to the Community of Hope birthcenter in NE (http://www.communityofhopedc.org/fhbc). They are currently not doing births at the center, but are doing prenatal and postnatal care there and transferring me up to Midwives of Medstar (MOM) at Washington Hospital Center for the birth (https://www.medstarhealth.org/Pages/Services/Womens-Services/MedStar-Washington/The-Midwifery-Team-at-MedStar-Washington-Hospital-Center.aspx). MOM would be another great option, though they are too far for me to go for normal checkups. They have their own space their at the hospital.

My understanding is GW Hospital also has midwives connected to the hospital and I have a friend who gave birth there and had a very positive experience.

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