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Topic: Why are used bikes so expensive in DC?

Recreation and Sports August 11, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Why are used bikes so expensive in DC?

In the Midwest and on the West Coast, you can easily find great used road bikes for $20, but here you can barely find one for less than $100. Does anyone know why that is? And any recommendations on where to go (other than Craigslist) to find a good one that’s not stolen?

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I don’t think you’re going to find anything as cheap as you say you are used to. As for other places to buy, there are several weekend markets inside and outside the District. These are often listed on CL ads, so keep reading CL to find where they are.

Check  out Pheonix Bikes. It’s a community bike program in Arlington that help kids and sells fixed-up used bikes;  http://www.phoenixbikes.org/  This ain’t Kansas, so you won’t find anything for $20 for a variety of reasons – high demand, VERY high theft, bike shops can’t sell used bikes due to regulatory reasons, etc.

+1 on Phoenix Bikes.

I have been a cyclist for many years, and owned (and still own) many bikes, and I have never seen or heard of a $20 bicycle, much less a “great used road bike” for $20. On a completely ordinary road bike, there are only a few PARTS that could be replaced for under $20.


Hey,In every place the thing cost differs .In some place  we can buy things at less price while in some place the same thing is costly,So we can’t  give any reason for it.


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