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Who would want a Victorian (1880) wedding dress

I’ve called a few of the vintage stores, but wondered who else might be interested in a gorgeous – but in bad shape- vintage 1880 cream satin wedding dress.  I don’t think it is repairable, but there are lots of gorgeous details & fabric  that could be re-made into something fabulous by the right person.  Suggestions?

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Do you know who it belonged to?  If so, I would post on genealogy boards that you have it and see if anyone wants it.  I’m sure someone would.

It belonged to the grandmother of my once almost mother-in-law.  She is moving this weekend and we’re trying to get rid of stuff.  I was thinking someone who re-makes vintage clothing into cool stuff, there is a lot of good satin & amazing trim.  Or someone could take apart to copy the pattern. 


I’d mount it assymetrically in a sort of shadow box, with the skirt trailing and crumpling down in one corner. 
I did that with a garment that had been in the family for 150+ years, and hung it on my big wall (it’s a big box) as art. Endless compliments. 

I have seen plenty of things like this on ebay–a beautiful garment that can’t be repaired is listed “for study” in a lot of instances!

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