Which One of These Bus Stops is Not Like the Others?

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Topic: Which One of These Bus Stops is Not Like the Others?

Travel and Transportation March 26, 2012 at 11:06 pm

Which One of These Bus Stops is Not Like the Others?

DDOT recently wiped out two parking spots in my neighborhood by doubling the size of a bus stop at 3rd and Upshur Streets NW. DDOT can’t find anything wrong.  Can you help DDOT find which one of the stops is not like the others?

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This isn’t Blues Clues…. we’re adults. You have too much time on your hands.

It could be that the stop is used as a time check or a place to hold busses.
Either way – reach out to your council person if the response from WMATA was less than stellar.

Thanks for your concern. I’ve contacted all my councilmembers and 311. 311 yielded the best response which is that DDOT is keeping the double long bus stop because of safety and ADA requirements. Oddly enough it’s not WMATA that is responsible–that took me over a week to find that out. The bus stop change is not a response to service changes. There’s nothing to fix here. The new bike lanes didn’t require the change. It’s the same lightly traveled bus route. The issue is that DDOT made the change and won’t change it back now without input from the neighbors. Moreover, when they painted the bike lanes, they sketched in the parking spots. So now people see the parking box, are parking in what is now a super long bus stop and getting $100 tickets.  DDOT says they’ll refer it to their engineers. And yes, our ANC is on it too.  Some of the affected merchants do not speak English well, or are afraid to engage the municipality. It’s not a sexy topic either–and of little importance to those who are not in the immediate vicinity. If anyone has issues with DDOT I hope they’ll post them here. Maybe we’ll get some action if we can tie it to other DDOT changes. I know the DDOT/ Webster-one-way street issue hasn’t gone smoothly.

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