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Food and Dining December 12, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Where to Take Parents?

I have my parents coming into town and I need to take them out to dinner. They are somewhat picky, traditional, midwestern eaters in the classic American way–meat and potatoes, Americanized italian, etc.–and over the last 5 years I have exhausted all the classic places to take them–Old Ebbitt Grill, etc.  My question is if anyone has any suggestions on where I could take parents like these in the district or silver spring? I will be forever grateful. Also, budget-mindedness would be appreciated as entrees in the $30 range are likely to elicit shock and awe from them.

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Americanized Italian: Casa Nonna, Buca di Beppo, Maggiano’s (might be too expensive), Pizzeria Paradiso, Carmine’s (expensive for each meal, but the meals are huge and served family style so you only need one appetizer and an entree for all three of you)Classic: Open City would be my vote.  It can get a little crowded, though.  Or one of the Daily Grill or Clyde’s locations? 

Meridian Pint!   Perfect mix of familiar & new.  Grilled trout with fried polenta is extraordinary.  Onion rigs are pretty bad, but most everythings else is geat.  Can be a little loud, which, depending on the parental dynamic, might be a good or bad thing.


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In Silver Spring, take them to Ray’s the Classics – order off the bistro menu. It’s cheap and delicious and steak.

It seems like a lot of good places have already been suggested, but in case you need more than one dinner, I’ll add Matchbox and Ted’s as good options.

Good food an they will be impressed by your impeccable taste.

Thanks everyone! These are a lot of good suggestions. I’ll definitely pick one.

I would definitely take them to Founding Farmers as my parents fit that exact description and loved the place. Their brunch is good too if you need a breakfast option. I love their skirt steak with enchiladas as well as the chicken and waffles. The Daily Grill is a good option too.

Agree on Founding Farmers. Huge & varied menu, which starts getting pricey really only when you start adding alcohol. 

I put a similar question to my facebook friends and Tabard Inn, Founding Farmers and Clyde’s were all suggested.
Kinkead’s is always good but pricey.

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