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Auto May 6, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Where to street park while on vacation

I am going on vacation for two weeks at the end of the month. I street park my car in zone 1 parking but because of street cleaning I need to find somewhere to park during the time away from home.
Does anyone know of street parking in zone 1–without street cleaning?

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New Hampshire, heading north from 16th and U…

It is good to know regardless of vacation where the non-zoned parking is around your house.  Much of that seems to be exempt from the street cleaning rules.


Park long term at the airport. Cheap and safe for your vacation

Be aware that the District has a 72-hour rule and can ticket you if you leave your car in the same spot longer than that.  Enforcement is very spotty, but I did once get one of those tickets years ago when I was on vacation.

Park it at a friend’s place in the ‘burbs. Or a cheap garage in the ‘burbs. Seriously. The last thing I would want to deal with after coming back from vacation is finding a car with multiple tickets, vandalism, or it being gone (was it stolen? was it towed? where’s my car?!?)

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