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Books and Literature January 4, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Where to sell used books?

I’m looking to sell some (about 2 large grocery bags) gently used books. Other than Capitol Hill Books, where can I do this? The website of CHB makes it seem like the process could be unpleasant. I’ll donate the books if I can’t get them sold, but they’re all in great condition, mostly recent best sellers and chick-lit.

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If you have a car, you can try Wonder Books in Gaithersburg. On the plus side, they’ll buy almost anything. On the minus side, you have to drive all the way out there, and they don’t pay very much. But really, who does? http://www.wonderbk.com/productcart/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=2
Wherever you go, don’t get your hopes up. Best sellers will probably bring even less money than other books — demand is high, but supply is higher.

Check out Second Story Books on 20th & P.  If you go the donation route, Books for America on 22nd at P.

You can also donate books at the Petworth Library at Kansas & Georgia. Depending on who’s working the counter they may get a little confused when you ask for a receipt, but be persistent and you’ll get one. 

CHB only sounds bad when you read about the process online.
The owner plays to part of the crotchety old man, but is actually nice, sweet and reasonable.


I sell my books, DVDs and CDs through Half.com, which is part of eBay.  You can scan the UPC code with your smartphone and see how much the item is selling for, then decide on whether or not you should just donate it.  Its not always fast, but it works.  

Hole in the Wall Books in Falls Church will give you excellent credit for your books, so if you’re looking to just replace your books with stuff you haven’t read, it’s perfect for that. They don’t do straight cash, though.

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