Where to purchase wine and beer for DC wedding reception?

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Topic: Where to purchase wine and beer for DC wedding reception?

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Where to purchase wine and beer for DC wedding reception?


Our wedding reception is in DC next month.  Our caterer allows us to provide the beer and wine.  Any recommendations on where to purchase it?  It would be a big bonus if they could keep it cold and deliver it to the venue during the setup time.  We will have no way to keep the beer cold if we pick it up the day before, for example.  And, we’d rather not deal with driving around and picking it up on the day-of.
Any recommendations?

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I think it depends on how many people you need to serve. If it’s a big wedding, maybe look to one of those discount booze places out in the burbs.
For my wedding, I went to Cairo Liquors on 17th because it was near my house and because they carried many of the craft beers that my guests liked. It was a small wedding, and we wanted variety, so we got bottles instead of kegs. We used Occasions Catering, and they let us deliver the beer early, and they put it on ice for us in big bins. It was nice and cold by the time the reception started. Maybe see if your caterer will do the same thing for you. We just delivered it ourselves in my friend’s car, but I think places like Cairo Liquors also can do delivery.

We got married last October and used Schnieders of Capitol Hill http://cellar.com/ We chose them because we were getting married on the hill, but also because they gave us a great price and had a lot of options. Also, when we first went to talk to them, they gave us samples of all the wine and champagne – they opened a ton of bottles for us. It was amazing service. On the day of the wedding, their truck got delayed so they weren’t going to be able to deliver with enough time to cool down the alcohol, so the owner drove over some additional cold beer and wine to make sure we were covered. Again, amazing service. I think most caterers will provide tubs and ice to cool down alcohol so you just need to plan the delivery to happen a few hours in advance (or to coincide with the catering arrival). Good luck and congrats!

We used Ace Liquors for our wedding.  The mister did the shopping, ordering, scheduling, so I don’t know all the details but know there was plenty o’ booze at our wedding.  They have a huge selection and will special order things for you.  They also let you return non-iced items for a full refund.

Yes, I ditto Ace and Cairo Liquors and also would like to add Paul’s on Wisconsin Ave in Friendship Heights and also A. Litteri’s Italian Store (www.litteris.com)…he will provide great discounts, albeit mostly italian wines.


We bought all our wedding wine a few years back from Trader Joes, and recently used them again for a friend’s engagement party. Great prices, they’ll open things and let you try if you tell them what your plan is and that you’ll be buying several cases. They don’t deliver, but it wouldn’t be hard to pick up. And you can return unopened bottles of wine.


A bit of self-promotion — I’m the owner of First Vine, a DC-based internet wine retailer and importer.  We’ve done a lot of weddings and also worked with all the major area caterers.  We only sell wine we import ourselves (from France, Spain, and Malta) and pick them because they pair well with food, so they’re not wines you’ll find in every shop.  We deliver in DC and take returns of unopened and unchilled bottles.  Check us out at http://www.firstvine.com.

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