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Topic: Where to open a new (non-BofA) bank account?

Business April 30, 2012 at 3:44 pm

Where to open a new (non-BofA) bank account?

Any advice on where to open a new savings and checking account?  My fiance and I are opening joint accounts to begin combining our finances gradually.  We would prefer a smaller community bank or credit union, but recognize the benefits and conveniences of some of the bigger ones.  We live in Rockville but I work in DC, so we need a bank convenient to both.  Anyone have a great community bank, or perhaps bigger chain bank that isn’t known for cheating people?    

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My partner and I wanted to open a joint account for our shared expenses, but we also wanted to maintain our individual accounts.  We joined Signal Financial Credit Union and it was a total nightmare – terrible web services, they had limited capabilities in terms of being able to pull money from each of our original accounts, etc, etc.  We tried to join BoA but that was also a nightmare.  CapitalOne was the best by far – the online capabilities are what really sold us.  Plus there are nearby ATMs.  

BBT is pretty good.

We left Bank of America in a rage a few years ago, and went to PNC.  PNC has been great.  

I highly recommend PNC

My fiance and I opened a joint account with Burke & Herbert. They’re a small bank based in Northern Virginia, but they provide free ATM withdrawals from any ATM. They have fantastic customer service and their website was recently upgraded to provide more services.
I also use a credit union for my personal accounts and have similarly been very satisfied with the customer service I receive from them. It’s NASA FCU, but they’re not open to accounts unless you have a connection. But there are other credit unions that are open to everyone that get great reviews (USAA for one).

Most credit unions have agreements with each other so you can use their ATMs with no fees, there are also plenty of stand alone ATMS around, but I don’t know what those fees might be since I use credit union atms.
If you work in DC you can take advantage of federal credit unions. I switched to DCFCU when Wachovia switched to Wells Fargo, and I wish I had done it sooner. They have been great. Bonus, you can join online. I have never actually been to their branches.


I’ll never bank anywhere other than a credit union again.  I really like mine(Wings Financial), but the membership requirments probably don’t work for you.  If I weren’t happy with Wings, I would probably be with Penfed, which is basically open to anyone.  You just have to make a $20 tax-deductiable donation to a specific military charity.  
For some people I suppose the lack of branches might be a problem, but I’ve been with my CU for like 15 years and I’ve never actually been in a branch.  I can deposit checks over the internet (the first few thousand are credited to my account immediately), there’s free ATMs all over the place, and if I have a problem I call and speak with a nice lady in Minneapolis.  Oh, and credit unions tend to have great rates for their car loans, too.

M&T is opening a new branch in Georgetown! Check out recent POP post. A bank that is growing is a good sign.

I am sure I am in the minority but I love E Trade. I have unlimited atm withdrawals (they immediately reimburse no need to request it), mail my deposits in, etc. I have never ever had a need to visit the branch in the 10 + years I’ve been using them. The reason I can’t leave is I am really bad about making copies of my deposits (I have a side consulting gig), and I can view each check I deposit. Maybe other banks have that, but I haven’t seen it.  I also use their brokerage accounts for iras, investments, etc. so it makes it super easy having everything linked together.
If you are looking for deposits via phone, try ING which was recently purchased by Cap One.

I use united Bank..it’s in Rockville and downtown at 14th & K, 18th & I, and  24th & M Stsnw..
Bank of Georgetown tries to be easy, pleasant.  Try them.

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