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Public Safety February 17, 2012 at 10:14 am

Where to get DC crime stats now?


The discussions about muggings lately reminded me that the DC Crime Map (crimemap.dc.gov)
that used to be on MPD’s website has been “down” for a while, supposedly due to realignment of PSA boundaries.
I’m aware of the capstat data, which includes crime stats among other things (map.data.dc.gov/), and that the summaries of arrests are available on the various MPD listserves. But they don’t really aggregate the data in the same way the crime map did. 
I’m aware that the Crime Map is not a perfect or 100% reliable gauge of “safety,” but I’m in the market for a new place and had found it a nice little tool (if a bit clunky at times) to roughly compare the incidence of crime among different areas and to look at the trends over time.  Are there any other online resoures, even from 3rd party developers, that have similar data?

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The link you posted said it will be back up on Monday. Can you wait 3 days? (Not that I would bet money on it being back up on schedule, but it is possible.)

You can find crime statistics on the D.C. Crime Incidents Database: http://data.octo.dc.gov/NewCalendar.aspx?datasetid=3.  The statistics presented here are based on preliminary DC Code Index crime data.  I hope this helps!

There is also this web site that has crime information up through 2010 if that helps.

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