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Where to find a notary?

My husband and I are trying to be responsible adults and finally got a will drawn up for us. Now we need to find a notary who will notarize the will (and hopefully act as witnesses for us too). No amount of googling turns up anything remotely legitimate-looking, and I have to admit that I don’t know much about notaries in general so I’m sort of at a loss. Any ideas on where we might find a notary?

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UPS Store offers notary services.

Sometimes banks have one too.

Mary at Sincerely Yours at 325 Pennsylvania Ave SE – throwback old timey mail and phone service office on the second floor, cool photos on the wall – Notary Service is $2.00. She even wrote a book on Nixon’s dog – old school DC.

Check your bank. That’s where we go, and it’s typically free.

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