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Topic: Where to donate travel size toiletries?

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Where to donate travel size toiletries?

My husband and I will soon be moving overseas and thanks to his weekly work travel, we have accumulated quite a collection of travel size toiletries. Rather than put dozens of tiny bottles in our shipping container, we’d love to donate them to a good cause here in DC. Does anyone know of any charities that are looking for this kind of thing?


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I’ve not been involved with them personally, but I know SOME (So Others Might Eat) accepts donations of toiletries:  http://www.some.org/40_ways_help.html

Try looking for a battered women’s shelter – back home, we used to donate tolletries to help women move on.  Or try a local church or temple.  
This site seems to have a few suggestions: http://www.houseofruth.org/index.php/2012-10-05-07-25-37/in-kind-donations.
Schools and community centers may be interested as well – they often act as community resources for struggling families.

N Street Village – they would love it.  They are at 13th/N NW – there’s usually some women hanging around out front.  They are a women’s shelter – they provide personal hygiene products a place to wash up, food and clothes for poor and homeless women.  Really nice orgainzation – I’ve donated to them myself.  Good luck with your journey!

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