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Where to Donate Clothing?

Hi all, I’m planning a move from Petworth to Cleveland Park in about a month and a half. I know when packing I will want to give away a lot of clothing I don’t use and possibly some household goods. I’m wondering if there’s a place in Petworth (or Columbia Heights, surrounding area) to donate these things?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Martha’s Table!

What I usually do is just double-bag my old clothes in garbage bags and tape a sign saying ‘dry, warm clothes’ to it, and put it out – you have pretty good odds of someone who really could use it taking them home.
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There are many NGOs working around at your area, you should talk to them.

You must have a huge range of clothing, for that you are asking such questions.
I hope that your clothes aren’t disappointing if those are not custom made dress shirts.
Check out for more reliable E-tailor to stitch your clothes not for donation but for you.

Try to contact a church in the area; even if you do not want to give it to them they can direct you to an organization that will accept such items.good luck!

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