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Where to donate clothes in DC?

I’m starting to de-clutter in preparation for moving in a few months, and both my boyfriend and I have some clothes we are ready to donate. I have seen some yellow bins around, but would prefer to bring them to a brick-and-mortar Goodwill (or similar) if at all possible – mainly because I want to have at least some sense of where they are going. Does anyone know a good place in DC (I am willing to get a Zipcar for this), or have any more info on where clothes from those bins go (i.e. at 13th and Otis)?

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Don’t use those yellow bins! I think there was a discussion on PoP not so long ago about how they aren’t actually clothing donations, but rather, they take the clothes (and underpaid employees) and sell them in developing countries, rather than donating them. I can’t remember the exact details of the scandal, but someone posted an article and they seemed like bad news.


There is a Goodwill donation center at 2200 South Dakota Ave NE–I did the same recently and it was very easy to donate and get receipts.

Martha’s Table also accepts clothing http://www.marthastable.org/donategoods.html

Goodwill has a website that explains everything

Bread for the City http://www.breadforthecity.org/

So Others Might Eat – 71 ‘O’ St NW. Freindly people doing some really great things. http://www.some.org

You can also call Purple Heart and they will pick them up at your place so no need for the zip car.  I love Martha’s Table too – but they have some specific requirments (do not deliver them in trash bags) so do check their web site.


OK, the formatting stuff keeps messing me up, but I’ve linked to three articles about the Planet Aid boxes above.
Goodwill, Bread for the City, Martha’s Table – all better options.

Thanks all! I’m going to make a trip to the Goodwill on South Dakota Ave on Monday. I like the idea of Martha’s Table, but the combination of limited donation hours & unwillingness to accept garbage bags (in which all of my clothes-to-be-donated already happen to be) makes it feel a bit too complicated for this go-round. (Their website also specifies “seasonal” clothes which makes me worry I’d have to schlep some stuff back home…)

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