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Where to donate a film camera? (Nikon N70)


I have a Nikon N70 (film SLR) that needs a good home.  Are there any DC places (art schools, youth development programs, etc?) that would benefit from a such a camera?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Hey SK,
We’re a non-profit that helps immigrants thrive in DC. We have programs for aspring Americans, immigrant kids, survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human-trafficking. We could certainly put you camera to good use, documenting how strong our clients are as they rebuild their lives in this area. 

Feel free to shoot our Program Initiatives Coordinator an email elise[at]ayuda.com.


The UDC photography department still teaches a photography class that only uses film.  I’m sure they would be happy to have a decent film camera for student use.  Here’s the photography club website: http://udcphotoclub.org  Contact Iwan Bagus – ibagus [at] udc [dot] edu

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