Where to dispose of empty propane canisters?

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Topic: Where to dispose of empty propane canisters?

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Where to dispose of empty propane canisters?

I have a medium-sized gas grill on my porch, which uses the small, blue (14oz) canisters of propane for fuel. I purchase the fuel canisters at the True Value hardware store on 17th & Corcoran. The store informed me that they do not dispose of the empty canisters, and that the only facility that they were aware accepts them is up in Maryland somewhere outside of the city.
I do not own a vehicle, so driving up to Maryland just to get rid of these empty fuel canisters would be a chore for me. I’d prefer to not just throw them in the trash, does anybody know of a more realistic way to dispose of them here in the city? I have about 20 of them by now and would like to do something with them. Can anybody help?

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Have you tried a metal scrapper? I usually leave my scrap metal in my yard next to the alley, and industrious guys come by every week or so and collect it for selling/recycling. If there is a valve at the top you might want to remove it (and leave it out, too). There are also metal scrappers around town if you want to sell them yourself.

Good call on the scrap yard – there’s one down near Nats Stadium:
Super Salvage
1711 1st St SW  Washington, DC 20024-3494

(202) 488-7157

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