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Where to buy bruised produce?

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I realize this is a bit of a strange question.. Has anyone come across a grocery store/market in Northwest DC that sells bruised produce? Ideally these would be reduced price bags of a bunch of different fruits/veggies. I’ve seen this in Eastern Market but it isn’t really convenient for me to make the trek all the way out there for that.

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For jam/canning purposes? I have had a lot of luck asking at farm markets. Many farmers will do seconds for a good price.

Yes Market on Georgia Ave (and maybe other locations too?) sells one-pound packs of miscellaneous about-to-go-bad produce for 99 cents each.

The farmer’s market at Archives on Thursdays (8th St b/w D and E, I think) has a stand with “Scratch and Dents” for 99 cents a pound – I recommend using your goodies soon, but it’s a great deal. They usually have tomatoes and peaches, sometimes squash too. It’s a stand on the west side of the street closer to Teaism.

If you are canning, you can get deals through some of the CSAs – Lancaster has offered tomatoes and other produce in the past (firsts, though) and Orchard Country has offered deals on seconds but it just depends on what’s producing well that season. Good luck!

Mexican Fruits on the outskirts of Union Market. On Morse I believe. They have plenty of bruised fruits and veggies, even organic sometimes. I think they get the “too ripe” or after sell date from the local grocery and sells them right before they go bad, it’s ridiculously cheap in there.

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