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Art April 25, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Where to buy art ?


Hello all.  I need a piece of art for a prominent wall in my room.  I am considering buying a framed 22×40 Rothko poster from Room and Board for $200.  However, I find the idea of spending that much money on a poster kind of distasetful.  I’d much prefer to support an actual, living artist.
Is there a gallery in the DC area where one can buy original art of a similar size (and maybe style or color palette) for less than $500 or so?  I’ve never bought any actual art before, so i don’t have any idea if that is at all a reasonable budget.  I’m not looking for an investment, and I don’t have terribly sophisticated tate. Thanks!

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If the picture shown in this post is what you’r ethinking of buying, couldn’t you just paint that yourself (or have your 6-year old paint it?)


Go to Artomatic: http://artomatic.org/
Go to the Reef and talk to Brian. He displays paintings on the walls there, and will sell them off the wall.
Go to Bedrock – they do rotating art show, and the art is for sale.
I”m sure there are other such places in town.

I would suggest visiting the Weschler’s http://www.weschlers.com/asp/searchresults.asp?pg=1&ps=25&st=D&sale_no=1402 or the Sloans & Keyon http://www.sloansandkenyon.com/ auction houses in town.  Some of the artwork may not be to your taste (such as the portraits and landscapes), but some of the artwork that is up for auction has the clean/modern look.  Every auction is different, so if you don’t find anything that you like at one auction, try another.  You can get some really nice original artwork for less than $500 at these auction houses.  I have placed bids on the low end (and even below) of the estimated price range on many auction items and have ended up winning the bids.  I would recommend going to the auction previews.

as a DC artist i second the recommendation by saf to check out Artomatic. you can definitely get pieces for less than 500. there will be over 1000 dc and dc metro area artists showing.
many artists are open to commissions too. 
good luck! and seriously, as an artist, thanks for even entertaining the thought to buy real art over a reproduction.


Local neighborhood artist here…

You are welcome to peruse my site – http://www.FrankieJames.com


Check out Eastern Market’s outdoor space on Sunday, assuming it’ll be open if it’s raining.  They have a variety of art.  I bought a local artist painting that size for $200 last year. 
I’m also a big fan of buying art or print photography but spending the money on the frame.  A framing store may cost $400+ to frame; you can order frames/mats online for a fraction of the cost.

Go to the Mid-city Open Studios tour on May 19 & 20.   A fun day of just wandering around the Dupont/U st. Logan etc. neighborhoods visiting all kinds of artists in their studios.  See what you like.http://www.midcityartists.com/home.html  .You can see most of them online as well – check out Lucinda Murphy and Betsy Karasik


Thank you all for your input.  Sounds like I’ve got lots of options.  No Rothko poster for me.

I would definitely check out Etsy.com also i have a friend who is an amazing artist i you like color http://sarahstieber.com/

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