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Home and Garden February 18, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Where to buy a Transom?

I’m replacing my front door and plan to replace the boarded up transom. Although I love the look of the stainglass transoms, I’ve opted for a simple clear glass transom. However, I cannot locate a vendor. I was hoping popville could help me! 

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Have you looked into salvaging one? Many of them are ornate, but others are simple leaded glass. Brass Knob has a lot, and if you’ve the patience, check out Community Forklift in Hyattsville.


Also Second Chance in Baltimore.

check out this cool DC flag transom from a shop on Etsy.

If you don’t need it to open, it should be fairly easy to get a piece of glass cut to fit. It’s just a window. Alternatively, some place like Smoots Lumber could make a window for you. Also, higher end door/window places will make the set for you.


Talk to the folks at Galliher and Hugley.

Habitat for Humanity Restore’s might have what you’re looking for. The closest are Gaithursburg and Alexandria.

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