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Topic: Where is there free Wi-fi in Petworth?

Computers and Internet June 20, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Where is there free Wi-fi in Petworth?

I occasionally work from home and am trying to expand my rotation of places to work during the day when I get bored in my house. I know of a few places in Petworth that have free wi-fi, but does anyone know of others? Here’s what I’ve got:
Domku (only open for lunch on Fridays)
Qualia (no wi-fi on weekends)
Petworth Library
Fasika Ethiopian (pretty sure I saw a free wi-fi sign last time I was there) 
Incidentally, there is a group of folks who used to meet once a month at Domku, but hasn’t seen much activity in a while. If anyone else is a telecommuter in the neighborhood, maybe we can revitalize it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/105820842780311/

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I am not aware of any additional wifi spots, but would love to hear about this as well. I telework once a week on Friday, and would be open to a once a month meet up!

The laundromat in the shopp.ctr. on NH ave at Farragutt st has wi-fi. AirConditioning too!

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