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Food and Dining March 11, 2014 at 10:48 am

Where do we need a gay bar?

Hi everyone. I’m looking to open a gay bar in DC. I’m in the research phase and was hoping the Popville community could assist me. Which neighborhood/area do you think could benefit the most from having a gay bar? I have listed some choices, but please feel free to give me other options. Thanks in advance for your help1

A. H Street
B. Petworth
C. Barracks Row/Eastern Market
D. Columbia Heights

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Shaw/Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale!

I concur with bfired.
Other recs in order:
Waterfront/Navy Yard (Yes, Zigfield/Secrets is down there, but the neighborhood could use a good bar for drinks after work or for drinks pre-Secrets).
Columbia Heights (11th St)

H Street, without question! Columbia Heights/Petworth have relatively easy access to the existing gay strongholds in the NW part of the city and I think Eastern Market is a smidge too residential/family-focused to draw in substantial late night crowds.

H Street is young, hip, and has the incumbent vibrant nightlife scene needed to launch a project like this; it’s also a burgeoning part of the city that’s desperately in need of the gentrification DC’s gay community can offer. Once the street car opens, you’ll also have the infrastructure/public transportation to sustain business and participate in what is sure to be one EPIC transformation.

Logan Circle is great, but it really would be awesome to see something similar happen in the NE – wish you all the luck in the world!

Depends on the theme of the bar and what segment of LGBT clients you want to attract. I’d rather see something more low-key, crafted cocktail, Greenpoint-esque in Petworth where the more established gay crowd seems to be moving to. There’s a space open for rent on Upshur between Domku and Petworth Citizen that is just dying to be a gay bar.

I think Columbia Heights could do well. There is already a sizable gay population in Columbia Heights and no gay bar. I also think H Street is intriguing, but probably a gamble given that gay people don’t really live in large numbers in that area. Shaw is perhaps safest, as it has a large gay population and it’s near Nellie’s and Town. I agree that something near Secrets could really do well. There’s nothing near there for pre-drinks.

The real key is how you’re going to stand out. People like to go out to bars that are near other bars. This way, there’s no trouble hopping to another bar to see friends. People enjoying jumping around from bar to bar. So, if your bar is in one of the neighborhoods you’ve listed, and presumably all alone, without alternate bars, what is the draw? I’m not saying it couldn’t be successful, but you would really need to put in some thought as to WHAT the pull is. What is setting this place apart and luring customers in?

Eastern Market is in dire need of a gay bar. I have spoken with many gay men on the Hill and there is a big market for one in this area. Remington’s is a joke, the ladies have Phase 1 and anything south of the freeway is too much of a hike for those in the vicinity of Cap South/East. Mkt. You could draw a lot of people who live south and east of the Dupont/U Street places

Petworth! From self-interest, but we don’t have anything walking distance.

Definitely Petworth.

I’d go with Petworth. H street already has a very popular bear happy hour and a mix gay crowd at almost every other bar. Id say Columbia heights but all my friends that live there like to go further into the city to drink. Petworth could really benefit from it. The Looking Glass alone is jam packed even on a Tuesday and I know many couples that would rather stay close to home.

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