Where do renters look to find apt/condo rentals?

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Topic: Where do renters look to find apt/condo rentals?

Real Estate August 6, 2012 at 11:37 am

Where do renters look to find apt/condo rentals?

We have posted a great condo rental on craigslist and, more recently, Zillow and Trulia.  We have not received as many hits as we usually do when we are trying to rent my husband’s condo.  I was just wondering– are we missing out on a resource?  Do critical masses look elsewhere to locate condos/apts for rent?  Thanks in advance.

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I would guess that it has more to do with your posting, as most everyone I know uses craigslist as the primary rental resource. But since you said you have rented the same unit to much success in the past, I am not sure. Have you rasied the price or changed anything about the listing? Most places I contacted last year through craigslist would tell me they already had 10+ applicants within a day of posting, this was Capitol Hill in May.

I’m a renter, looking for a new place for an October or November lease.  I primarly look on Craigslist and PadMapper, and then I’ll check out other sites like Zillow or on PoP, now that the real estate section has been added to this site. 
Do you post pictures and address (or cross streets) with your Craigslist ad?  I tend to ignore most listings without pictures or an address.  Also if you don’t include cross streets or address, the listing won’t show up on PadMapper, which is where a lot of renters look in addition to Craigslist.  I believe that PadMapper also has it’s own rental listings, you could list your place there as well. 


Why don’t you share the listing with us, and then we can tell you why there’s no interest.


I used Craigslist and PadMapper the most. I agree with the above poster that I ignored posts without a clear neighborhood or cross street listed. I also ignored posts without the price listed in the subject line  and without pictures. When that wasn’t working out – I walked through the neighborhoods I’d like to live in and took down the phone number for every “for rent” sign I saw outside of buildings or posted in windows. Not sure if that is an option for you – but if you can put out a sign with a phone number or email that may increase your interest. 

This might sounds silly, but is there a sign out front?  I always found that in addition to craigslist, the best way to find a place was to walk around the neighborhood and call the numbers on For Rent signs.  Now that I think of it, every apartment I’ve rented in DC I have found that way.  

Yes – show us the listing and we can tell you what’s wrong.  I recently listing my rental just on Craigslist.  Posted on a Thursday afternoon and had 20+ responses in the first HOUR.  Over 100 total responses.  I had an open house on Sunday and 27 people came, all wanted it.

The rental market is ON FIRE. I am looking for a 1 bedroom less than $2,000 and every place I’ve showed up to or contacted has said that at least 50 others have also expressed interest/paid an application fee/etc. Frustrating.

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