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Where do I unload?

I live on a small one-way street and my building is located next to an alley that many people misuse as a through-way to get around traffic (it connects two different streets). Occasionally when I rent a Zipcar for a long trip, I put on hazards while loading the car and leave it in the alley for 3-5 minutes blocking one of the alley entrances. I was told by someone trying to use the alley that I should have double parked in the street, not blocked the alley entrance. Can anyone advise? My thinking was that blocking one entrance to an alley was more considerate to neighbors than blocking off an entire street since there isn’t room to double park on a one-way, but I’m curious as to the best way to handle the situation in the future.

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Best Bet, ask a beat cop. Just take a moment when you see one patrolling the neighborhood and ask them which would be preferable (and least likely to be ticketed). Blocking the alley for 3-5 minutes would seem to be preferable. Alleys were created for service work, not short cuts. The road out front was designed to be a public thoroughfare.

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