Where can I donate craft supplies in the DC/MD/VA area?

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Topic: Where can I donate craft supplies in the DC/MD/VA area?

Art October 17, 2012 at 9:11 am

Where can I donate craft supplies in the DC/MD/VA area?


After my mother passed 4 years ago, I inherited a bunch of her craft supplies (on top of those I already owned).  I would like to donate these supplies to a specific cause, rather than to Goodwill/Salvation Army.
The craft supplies I want to donate include:
Scrapbooking – Paper, embellishments, pens/pencils/markers
Beading – Beads (glass, plastic, crystal), clasps, jump rings, tools, etc.
Photography – 35mm film (probably expired, but I bet it would still work), dark room paper, and books
Books – Knitting, beading and quilting
Knitting – Yarn (acyrlic & cotton)
As a sidenote…I don’t have a car, so I would have to mail the supplies or use public transportation. 

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I don’t know if some of those things (particularly the scrapbooking and beading supplies) could be donated to a school or hospital, but this place seems like a good fit: http://www.scrapdc.org/.  Someone recommended it to me when I was looking for cheap wallpaper for a craft project and it seems pretty cool.  I never made it there but remember when I was looking into it that public transportation was definitely an option for getting there.

N Street Village accepts arts & craft supplies. You can see their wish list toward the bottom of this page – http://www.nstreetvillage.org/donate/in-kind/


The senior wellness center in Ward 1 located at 3531 Georgia Avenue, NW was looking for craft supplies when it first opened a few years ago.  I remember reading an article that they built a state of the art center but had no funding to supply it.  


Thank you all for your help!  I will definitely use your recommendations to donate my craft supplies.  Can’t wait to put my mother’s memory & supplies to good use.

Another great resource is Miriam’s Kitchen – they have case workers that do art therapy and can always use the supplies! 

I would suggest Project Create which has free art classes for children in homeless centers and transitional homes across DC. They will make sure the supplies are used with children in need! I’m on their board of directors and if you live in DC I will come pick them up from you. You can reach me at 202.316.2429 and look up Project Create online at http://www.projectcreatedc.org

I second N Street Village. I use to volunteer with them as a knitting instructor when I lived in Logan Circle. They are a great organization and will put your mother’s supplies to good use.


Thanks for the recommendations. I will probably split up my craft trove and divvy it between 2-3 of these organizations. 

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