When is my landlord responsible for replacing my oven?

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Topic: When is my landlord responsible for replacing my oven?

PoPville December 15, 2011 at 4:54 pm

When is my landlord responsible for replacing my oven?

I have a pretty old-school GE electric stove/oven in my apartment. It looks like whoever lived there before me tried to replace the coils or the ‘drip bowls’ (the things under the coils that catch, well, things that drip) and now the coils don’t sit flat. Pans slide off, etc. It wouldn’t be a problem for me if the coils actually de-tached and I could replace the drip bowls, but even then it probably wouldn’t fix the problem and I could end up making it worse. One of the back burners doesn’t work. When I use the oven, the area between the burners gets very, very hot. I could probably cook an egg on it. 
It’s not that the thing doesn’t work, it works fine. But my question is, do I have to wait for the thing to completely break down before I ask my landlord to replace it? He’s really cheap and would most likely give me a lot of grief over it. Do I pull the ‘I feel like this appliance is dangerous’ card? While I don’t actually feel like my life is in danger, I DO use the oven/cooktop at least once a day and it’s becoming a pain in my ass.
Any advice? 

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Check out this guide for tenants, and you can always call the DC Office of the Tentant Advocate for information:  http://och.georgetown.edu/uploadedfiles/Tenant_Survival_Guide.pdf

I think it is always better to ask your landlort first and see what he/she said before doing anything else.

I think it’s reasonable to ask that the appliance works as it should. If burners don’t work then it’s reasonable to ask for a repair or replacement but i would also point out that repairs on older appliances can often be more costly. You might find a good replacement on line and show him the investment may not be as significant as he thinks it is – and be willing to coordinate delivery etc. to make it easier for him.

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