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Other April 28, 2014 at 4:54 pm

Wheelchair or walker rental?

In a few weeks I’ll be hosting some family, including a grandparent with limited mobility who will probably need a wheelchair or walker to get around DC. I don’t really have the storage space to buy one and keep it at home (and honestly don’t think I’ll need to use it again). Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can rent or borrow one within the District?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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Hi Kim,
I’ve used Scootaround – http://www.scootaround.com/ – a few times to get a scooter and a push wheelchair for my father-in-law. They’ve always been brilliant. You can order over the phone and set a day/time for them to drop off and pick up the equipment. The prices are pretty good and it’s certainly better than buying something.

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