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Travel and Transportation March 20, 2013 at 10:24 am

What’s the deal with this parking ticket?

My roommate and I went out to his car last night (the 19th), and noticed a ticket on the windshield. At first came the typical outrage, as he has all the proper registration and stickers up to date, and was legally parked. But we then noticed the “emergency no parking” sign attached to a nearby tree. However, the date for no parking started on the 20th. After closer inspection, we saw that the sign had been posted on the 19th, and took effect on the 20th, but the parking ticket was issued at 7:17am on the 19th. I’m trying to figure out a way the cop could have made an honest mistake, but it seems hard to overlook all those factors. Every car in the no parking section had a ticket. Does anyone in Popville have any ideas on this?

Also, I don’t have a car in DC, so maybe someone can help me out here: is it normal (or even reasonable) for them to put up an emergency no parking sign less than 24 hours in advance? I understand I may not know the full extent of what necessitates the emergency, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone to not check for that kind of thing every single day.

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No, I think they have to post at least three days (a week maybe?) in advance. Fight this ticket for sure. I would call 311 about the sign, as well as take a picture and protest the ticket.

24 hours notice is required in Commercial zones and 72 hours in Residential (I’m assuming you’re in residential, so definitely 72 hours) – https://tops.ddot.dc.gov/DDOTPermitSystem/DDOTPermitOnline/Kiosk_Centers.aspx

If you take pictures of the posted signs (including when they were printed, if that’s on there) and a picture of the ticket, your roommate can submit a claim to dispute the ticket online (instructions on the ticket). I had a similar situation (ticket was issued even though I had a temporary visitor’s pass displayed while awaiting tags for my new vehicle), and Parking Services dismissed it.

Thanks for that link jessindc! Is there any sort of further measures I can take (aside from fighting the ticket)? I hope that the other cars on the block that were ticketed fight it as well, but I feel like “the man” should be held accountable for this.

If you are a resident, you have a Councilmember.

1. call your concilmember.  2.  You can fight this by mail – it should be pretty clear-cut with photos.

I fought a parking ticket using the online system and within a few weeks it was free and clear!  Just give all the facts and pics if you have them.  I thought they’d make me take it in or do traffic court but nope!  All done over computers.  Yours sounds like a good one for this (:

I’ve challenged several parking tickets–all successfully.  Providing pics definitely helps

Just as somewhat of a follow-up, my roommate has challenged the ticket. I was mainly interested in how the cop could have logicially issued it in the first place. Are cops knowingly issuing false tickets in hopes that people don’t investigate too closely and just pay up? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it seems more and more like that’s what happened here.

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