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Topic: What to do with extra packing material (bubble wrap, etc.)

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What to do with extra packing material (bubble wrap, etc.)

I recently got married and received a number of generous wedding gifts from friends and family.  This has left me with a very large quantity of bubble wrap and other packing materials.  I’ve recycled what was clearly labeled as recyclable, but I’m not sure about two of the varieties of bubble wrap or some of the printed tissue paper.  We also have a small amount of packing peanuts.  Does anyone know of anything we can do to get this stuff out of our place aside from just throwing it away?  It seems a shame to waste it since it can easily be reused, but I’m not sure exactly what to do with it.  Thanks!

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List it for free on Craigslist!  OR freecycle.


Sometimes FedEx or UPS stores will take packing peanuts and/or bubble wrap. Call first and get a name if they agree to take it. I once lugged a ton of crap to FedEx but the person working at the time wouldn’t take it (even though someone I spoke with ealier on the phone said they would).

DAT beat me to it — I’d list it on Freecycle or Craigslist.

Another vote for freecycle or UPS store…I’ve used both for extra boxes, bubble wrap, etc.  Side note:  return hangers to dry cleaners too (:

I’ve brought extra bubble wrap and peanuts to Parcel Plus in Cleveland Park.  I’d recommend giving them a call: (202) 244-6669.  Congrats on your marriage, by the way!


Offering these on Craigslist and Freecycle is the way to go — so many people need these materials and can’t afford to buy them.

Thanks, everyone, for all of the suggestions.  We found a taker who will freecycle the bubble wrap when she’s done with it, so it won’t go to waste.  It’s great to know about all of these options in case we end up in a similar situation down the road.  Thanks again!

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