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Auto February 14, 2012 at 1:56 pm

What to do about multiple speeding camera tickets?!

So, I got four speeding camera tickets ($850) all on the same downward hill. They span the course of three weeks and I received them all last week. I’ve never gotten a ticket before … EVER. What should I do? Pay? Contest? Ignore? Hire an attorney? AAAH!

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There was a post on this a couple weeks ago. Lots of people are having your problem. Expect a lot of unsympathetic comments along the lines of, “You did the crime, do the time.” True, you did break the law, but these fines are out of control.
I think it’s worthwhile to contact your councilperson. David Catania was on the Kojo Show last week, talking about tickets. He indicated that the high price of the tickets was about money, not safety, saying that the fines would be reduced when the District shores up its finances. Jim Graham was mentioned, too — Graham thinks that this is disproportionately affecting low income residents in places like Ward 8.
If the camera is less than 30 days old, you shouldn’t have to pay any of the tickets:
Best of luck! If you’re successful in reducing the fines, I’d love to hear an update.

4 tickets adding up to 850 means an average ticket of $212 dollars. According to the MPD website, you were going atleast 21-25MPH over the limit. Most of the Districts speed limits top out at 25 mph (unless you are on rock creek parkway), so in reality you are coming to us complaining that you got caught going twice the speed limit 4 times.
I don’t care if it was a hill. You deserved it. Pay your fines and move on and be thankful that an actual cop didn’t catch you going twice the speed limit as it is an immediate wreckless driving charge that includes a seisure of your license, lots o’ points and required attendance at driving class.

I’m on the side of pay the tickets and stop speeding! I am so tired of commuters trying to speed through our neighborhoods! I’d love one of those cameras place right on 5th St just north of Grant Circle to stop all the a-holes from useing our residential street as a freeway to work in the morning.

Just this morning, my partner and I are walking our dogs on Allison. We start to cross 5th at the stop sign, and the cars lined up waited to allow us to cross (as required by law!). Well, one charming fellow a few cars back starts honking and as we were about halfway across the street, he actually steered around the stopped cars in front of him on the wrong side of the road and nearly ran us over as we finished crossing. I stopped in the road to hand signal my dismay at him and he actually started yelling at ME for slowing him down. He proceeded to speed through the intersection without stopping on the wrong side of the road and fly down 5th toward Grant Circle.

Seriously people, SLOW THE EFF DOWN! People live on these streets and they are not designed to be your personal freeway to work. Pay your tickets and stop speeding. It is that simple.

this happened to me as well.. i got two tickets for $125 each, but recieved them out of order.. 1st ticket, 2nd ticket, then the warning.  because i didn’t receive my warning first, they got rid of my 2nd ticket. you can try to contest it, but not sure how that will work out.   these cameras don’t really make it any safer… all drivers do is break hard near the camera and then continue to speed off once out of it’s zone.  in any case, good luck and be cognisant of the speed limits in your neighborhood. hope this helps!

You can think these cameras are great or awful, but the practical question is whether you have a defense.  I’m not seeing anyone who suggests one, other than “speed cameras are stupid” or “fines are too high,” neither of which is going to get your tickets dismissed.  If it were me, I wouldn’t waste a lot of time or money trying to fight it without something more to go on.

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