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What is wrong with people in this city??

Sometimes people leave random trash items in our front yard… candy bar wrappers, empty beer bottles, Colt 45 cans, etc. Last year we opened our front door one morning to find (no joke) a flattened (yes, FLATTENED like a pancake) dead rat on our front walk. Nice, right?

Today is a first. Some idiot has hung a shirt on our front fence.

We live in Logan on a nice block. We keep our yard nice and pretty. We have no enemies. This never happens to our neighbors. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE IN THIS CITY?? Can anyone help me understand?


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I live in Petworth, which is more “transitional” and have the same issue. My favorite trash is the weekly chicken wing bones left in my yard, which my dog always finds. I’m so afraid my dog is going to choke to death on a chicken wing she finds in the yard. With my city-issued trash cans right there on the ally, why can’t people walk the extra 10 feet and throw their trash in the receptacle? Disgusted.

I suspect no one is actually singling out your yard for littering — more likely, it’s more a matter of other neighbors being faster to clean up the litter in their yards than you are in yours.
The various and sundry things that people choose to abandon on sidewalks, in gutters, or in people’s front yards — and the volume of those things — is a source of ongoing amazement to me. And it’s frustrating. But (as PoP was advising in his advice-to-newcomers thing from seven years ago, recently reposted at http://www.popville.com/2014/08/tips-for-newcomers-7-years-later-what-would-you-addremove/ )… pick up the trash in front of your house. (And if you’re feeling generous, in front of the houses on either side.) Otherwise it will just stay there until it blows into someone else’s yard/sidewalk/treebox area.

hey, I’m new and will be visiting DC. I wanted to volunteer at DCPS this Saturday, they say openings for volunteers at Roosevelt HS. I have no car, will be taking Metro. Safe to walk from Petworth stop to Rooselvelt and back Saturday morning, 830am ish to noon?

what is wrong with people in this city? are you serious?

I think he meant ” you people ”

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