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Real Estate June 25, 2012 at 11:55 am

What is going on at 9th and T?

Back in 2009 PoP blogged about a refurbished building at 9th and T: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/11/judging-buildings-902-t-street-nw/

Directly across the street is this building:

The photo (along with the owner’s explanation in the comment section ) is over two years old. The building is currently in the same state of (dis)repair as in the photo, at least on the outside. I just bought a place down the street and am trying to figure out what the deal is. Has the refurb stalled? Why not put it up for sale to a developer as- is? If anyone has any info that’d be great. I’m on a mission with the empty buildings on this block….

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If you look in your second link there is a comment from one of the owners and she explains the history of the house and that they are restoring it themselves.  The owners live in the main part of the house and have a renter in the basement.
Welcome to the neighborhood, we were all excited to see your building redone and are happy to have new neighbors!

The city took the teeth out of the vacant/blighted property tax after the first year so it isn’t as effective now.  Also if the property is for sale you are exempt for I think 12 months.  It has been painted/cleaned up recently so he could use those permits as an exemption as well.  Thanks for calling it in though, hopefully the renewed pressure will help.
As for the house at the corner of 9th and T St., the owners have been working on it for about a decade and had major structural issues to contend with first.  It is slow going to do that kind of rehab yourself as a homeowner.  It would be nice for everyone if they were at the point of focusing on the outside, but they aren’t yet.

Got this response:

Thanks for the heads-up.  This is the first complaint we’ve had about the building.  I will have it inspected right away and begin enforcement as well.

Reuben Pemberton, III
Program Manager
Vacant Building Enforcement/BCIB
Dept of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Government of the District of Columbia
1100 4th Street, SW
5th Floor
Washington, DC 20024

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