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Real Estate January 11, 2014 at 12:39 pm

What does $3000 Per Month Get You in the City

My wife and I are hoping to move into dc sometime this spring. My wife will be taking a job in the U Street neighborhood and does not want to commute into the city (currently living in Clarendon). We’ve lived in DC before (NE on the west side of H Street about four years ago). Our budget is around $3,000 a month. I guess my question is … what does $3,000 get you in the city?

The Randolph Street town home listed on PoP earlier this month has everything we are looking for (yard large enough for our two dogs to run a bit, at least two bedrooms, walking distance to amenities and restaurants, renovated, close to her job and within 30 mins of my job on the Navy Yard) but I’m unsure about the area and the price seems high for the neighborhood. Is $3450 for a three bedroom in Petworth on point for the current market?

Any opinions on the listing? Any opinions on where we should be looking? I’ve been scouring craigslist and am just trying to get an idea of where the best values are in the city but it’s overwhelming.


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That sounds a little low for a three-bedroom with a yard. You might consider Brookland. It’s a little light on amenities still, but it has a few good restaurants with more on the way in the next few months. You can probably still find a renovated house for rent in that price range.

I don’t know if you are still looking, but I own a 2 bedroom house in Shaw which will be available in March or April. It’s 1250 sq ft with a yard, about 3 blocks to the new O Street Market and the Metro. The rent is $2,600 per month. I’d like to avoid the craigslist cattle call if I can. If you’re interested and still looking, you an email me at [email protected] for photos.
Good luck with your search!

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