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Topic: What do you think about the local political races?

Governement and Politics October 23, 2012 at 10:07 am

What do you think about the local political races?

I was hoping to start a conversation about the questions on the 2012 DC ballots. This will be my first time voting in DC. I know who I’m voting for in the council-at-large race, but unfortunately I’m not as familiar with some of the other races, such as state board of education, senator, representative. I don’t have a specific question but the thread about the council-at-large race was really good and I wanted to expand it. Thoughts?

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I’m also a first-time DC voter and I haven’t formed any opinions yet, but I’m trying to browse the League of Women Voters guide to get some more information on candidates in the smaller races.  Thus far, though, I’ve mostly been disappointed at the number of individuals running for ANC commissioner posts who failed to respond to the LWV’s questionnaire.  (This includes my own district, which has a candidate running unopposed for a vacant seat.)  I mean, I get that this isn’t exactly high elected office and candidates don’t have the resources to run a real campaign. But given that the LWV is basically the most widely-distributed voter guide AND they only ask two questions (“What is the most important issue facing your neighborhood?” and “What will you do to be an effective Commissioner?”)…if a candidate can’t be mindful to respond to this very simple outlet for communicating with constituents, what does it say about the job they’ll do as Commissioner?

This site doesn’t include information on the smaller races (for ANC, education council, etc), but it is helpful for the larger local races (DC council members, delegates, shadow representatives, etc)

Direct link for the League of Women Voters’ guide to the D.C.-specific elections:  http://lwvdc.org/VOTERSGUIDETOAPRIL3PRIMARY.html .
The link filename makes it look like it’s a guide to the April 3 primary, but it’s actually a guide to the general election.

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