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What are Your Washington Gas Bills Like?

I bought my first house in D.C. last spring. It’s a typical federal-style row home, semi-detached. The (radiator) heat, stove, and water heater all run on gas. My bills from Washington Gas, which were about $25 in the summer, have regularly approached $200 since December. Can anyone tell me if this is typical? What do you spend on utilities in a typical month?

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Yeah, your gas bill is typically going to go way up in the winter if you’re using it to heat your house and water. Your Pepco bill should be way down from what it was in June-Sept though. Once you have at least a year of payments with Washington Gas, if you call they will generally allow you to pay the average on a monthly basis so it’s not so unpredictable.

Thanks for the tip! I’m hoping that adding some insulation in the attic will also help with this.

We just got our gas bill for Jan., was $136 for the month. Our place is a center row house unit, and gas is used for radiators and hot water only, not the stove. Our heat is on a programmable thermostat, so the radiator heat is essentially only running from 5-8 AM and 5-10 PM during weekdays.

$200 is normal and it has also been an extra cold winter. I do residential energy efficiency, spending $2-$3k to insulate and more importantly air seal the home will make a drastic impact on utility bills. In our 3 floor home we never go above $150 and the electric bills in the summer are under $150. A programmble thermostat is a cheap investment that can make a good impact as well. Our home goes down to 60 during the day and returns to 68 before I walk in the door.

On a related note, we moved in to our row house in October, and we have yet to receive a gas bill. Does this usually happen? I assume that Washington Gas is the only provider in DC – if so, I would like to call them up to find out what’s going on.

Sorry…late to the party on this one. My advice is to insulate your attic space. Dropped our gas bills by about 30% and our electric by 40%. Even this winter neither our gas nor electric bill have broken $90. (Petworth interior row-house with gas heat [basement, 1st floor], heat-pump for [2nd floor].)

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