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Other December 3, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Welcome to the new Prince of Petworth Forum!

We’re very pleased to launch the forum on Prince of Petworth. Let us know what you think and how we can make the forum better. Just register for a Prince of Petworth account on the top right of the page and start posting!

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How do i set my avatar?

I’m seeing the same results.

It looks like the functionality has been added.  The default city should probably be changed from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, DC.


The old PoP site had on each individual post on the top and bottom buttons for the titles of the “previous story” and “next story” so you could navigate from one post to the next without returning to the home page. I don’t see that feature on the new site–am I missing it, or will we actually need to navigate to each post from the home page instead of being able to go freely from one original post to the next?

Another observation: comments that start with characters other than a letter or number seem to be dropping those characters — for example, the two attempts at “+1” above. The + gets dropped. A minor point, but one to consider addressing as many commenters start with “+1.” 


My comments aren’t posting! Yikes! I’m logged in…not sure what to do.
Another thing- when I clicked go to forum beneath forum blurbs on lefthand column, the link just redirected me back to the top of the home page.
Don’t mean to be a whiner 😛


Sorry to be so nitpicky- just want to point something else out. On the home page, when you click “Home” it sometimes doesn’t refresh the home page as updated. On my (admittedly outdated) version of IE I need to physically hit the refresh button. And sometimes hitting home when on an individual blog post merely refreshes the page it’s already at. This could very well be because my browser is old (and work won’t allow an update! Grrr


I posted a question, but it isn’t showing up on the main forum page – only when you click over to the specific categories that I tagged it with.

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