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Weekend/after work (non-professional) bike group

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I am looking to see if anyone is interested in meeting up and forming a small group of riders who tries to meet (when available) after work or on weekends for bike rides in the 20-50 mile range @ a pace of 13-16 mph. I have done most of my riding solo this year, but have found I enjoy riding much better when it is with a group (doing the occasional weekend bike shop ride). I don’t ride all the time (maybe 1-2 times per week), but it is more fun riding in a group to have others pushing you and also so you can have a slip stream to ride longer.

I usually like to ride the NoVA trails (Mt. Vernon, Cutsis, W&OD) but am not opposed to CC and Rock Creek Park trails. I also don’t mind doing laps around Haines Point when I want to do something quick after work. If anyone is interested let me know.

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I would be interested but have never done distance cycling and need to buy a bike. I’m actually the person who wrote to PoP a few weeks ago about DC cycling groups.

If you aren’t against having an out-of-shape newbie riding partner I am willing to get the bike and give it a shot.

I remember your post. I posted in the very end about what I would suggest doing – buying a bike on craigslist and seeing if you enjoyed riding before you invested a ton of money. Once you buy a bike and ride it a bit and get a little more experienced, I would be interested. However, at this time I am looking for a group that is at or above my skill level.

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