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Business July 22, 2012 at 9:40 pm

Weekend Jobs in the City

Like most young professionals here, I work your typical M-F job and make a stable and healthy income. But, I’m looking to earn just a little bit of cash on the side every weekend, as I’m hoping to save up a little quicker for things like a down payment on a home (which is easier said than done in this city). So, I’ve been hoping to take on a extra day of work on Friday nights/Saturdays. Problem is, I’m not quite sure what kind of sidejobs I should be looking for. I used to work as a waiter through high school and college, but I’m under the impression that most restaurantss are looking for someone who can work more than once a week. My friends joke that I’m pretty cute and personable, so I should try and be a bartender or at a club. But, I’m not trained in bartending skills and I’m not really willing to fork over $$$ for bartending school
So, I’m hoping the community can help me out. Any ideas for an able-bodied, friendly guy? I’m open to anything: manual labor, cleaning, etc. Just wondering what kind of gigs are available.

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I umpire baseball games. Not sure if that is up your alley, but I do about 2 games a week, making an exta $100-130 a week. If you wanted to do more games they are certainly available. This is mostly a summer gig, but we do go through October. If you are interested, check out umpires.org. Training is provided and free.


Do you like dogs?  I work part time at Wagtime (dog daycare and boarding at 9th and M Sts NW) on the weekends.  They’re opening up a second location at Navy Yards very soon too so I’m sure they’ll be looking for more help.

I work front desk at a local gym two night and one weekend day a week.  Not only is it extra cash, but you get a free membership.  If you work 9-5, you may not want to rule out something that you could do for a few hours in the evening.

There are tutoring part-times in every subject (academic, music, athletic) all over Craigslist Gigs

I’ve seen flyers at Domku– they’re often looking for weekend brunch waitstaff. 

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