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Children December 11, 2011 at 7:24 pm

Ways to Volunteer with Kids in Education?

I’m hoping the folks of PoPville can help me identify places/ways that I can volunteer with kids in an educational environment in DC.  I’m flexible – individual tutoring, group environment, etc.  I have a PhD in engineering, so I’d obviously love to do something math/science related.  I have some experience working with kids.  I’m also more than happy go through training or any other similar program requirements.  Metro accessible is a must and I need to be able to do it around my pretty standard work schedule. Thanks!

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I was looking into DCPS’s volunteering requirements the other day…it looks like it’s not a difficult process. http://www.dc.gov/DCPS/Parents+and+Community/Volunteer+in+Our+Schools 

Additionally, Reading Partners is an organization that works with DCPS to provide tutors at a few of the schools in the area: http://readingpartners.org/locations/washingtondcDC Cares may have some options as well: http://www.greaterdccares.org/

For Love of Children! http://www.floc.org I’ve volunteered with them for 9 months now and they are amazing and have math opps. Their tutoring services are provided free to low-income DC students who are behind in their grade levels. Such a great opportunity, can’t recommend it highly enough.

Jan’s Tutoring House (http://janstutoringhouse.org/) may not have a great website, but they’ve been around since 1990.  It was founded specifically for students of one Capitol Hill school, but has since expanded its reach.  It’s named for its founder, community activist Jan Eichhorn, who worked for Home Rule and Statehood.

My friend volunteers helping the same child catch up on her reading ability at Harriet Tubman Elementary School in Columbia Heights every Saturday morning for two hours. I have substituted for her as a reading buddy a couple times and I loved the experience. The program is called Reading All-Stars.

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