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Events September 15, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Water walking/running at Wilson Aquatic Center

Hey, PoP-ers who swim at Wilson Aquatic Center: just curious, do pool-users ever do deep-water running there? I haven’t seen anything about it specifically on the DPR website, and I can get over looking like a weirdo compared to all the swimmers…but I know deep-water running has a somewhat different “flow” than lap-swimming, and when lane-sharing it would probably be awkward and not very feasible to have a runner in the lane knocking the swimmers out of whack. (I enjoy both laps and water-running, but most of the water-running I’ve done was in a small town where some relatives live and where residents have access to a gorgeous, huge pool at the local high school that hardly anyone seems to use, so I always had a lane to myself. But I know from experience at basically every other pool that getting a lane to oneself is a luxury, and next to impossible during peak times at the average pool.)

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Erg, sorry…not sure how I ended up tagging this in “Events.” Oops.

There’s a lane specifically for water runners, extra-slow folks, “leisure swimmers,” etc. There’s always a few folks doing it.

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