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Washing Machine repair?

I have a washer/dryer combo that stopped working. It won’t spin.
Any recommendations for an appliance repair person/company?

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If you’re at all interested in saving some money by going the do-it-yourself route, I can recommend this troubleshooting site: http://fixitnow.com/ (there is also a contact form) or you can post in the forum here: http://applianceguru.com/. I’m not particularly handy, but the guy who runs the site was able to help me diagnose a refrigerator problem and direct me to the correct repair part and instructions. I probably saved at least $250 by doing it myself. A lot of repairs are easier than you’d think.

My washer occasionally stops spinning – what I’ve learned to do is to unplug it, take the back panel off, find the belt and give it a pull to get it moving. This has worked for me (and saved costly repairs).
You might also look at repairclinic.com.

My 300 quid washer do quite well for a couple of years, then when they do eventually break down, I tend to buy a new one.

Repairs are pretty expensive — I had a washing machine that broke down 6 months after I bought it (!), and although the repairs were covered under the warranty, I could see from the service slips that each repairman left behind that it was costing the manufacturer a minimum of $125 for labor every time a repair guy came out, and more for any new parts.  (The problem ended up not being fixable, so ultimately I got my money back and got a different brand of machine.)
Depending on how old your washer-dryer combo is, what your cashflow is like, and whether you’re at all inclined to try repairing it yourself (my guess is that you’re not, which is why you were asking for recs for a repair person or company), it might be more cost-effective to replace it.

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