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Topic: Wangari Gardens is launching a Kickstarter –donate, spread the word and help us grow!

Announcements October 18, 2012 at 9:46 am

Wangari Gardens is launching a Kickstarter –donate, spread the word and help us grow!


I’m writing you today to ask for help to expand our community garden called Wangari Gardens. Wangari Gardens is a non-profit community garden park designed, created and sustained by and for the benefit of the surrounding community in DC. The garden was named after the late Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai to honor and carry on her legacy. We currently have over 60 family plots helping a community that has little access to fresh healthy vegetables. We also have many public gardens open to the public to harvest such as a large vegetable garden, a berry garden and a fruit tree orchard. We also have an outdoor classroom that we’re developing educational and therapeutic garden programming with our local schools, hospitals, and community organizations.
This is our first year and we have done amazing things so far. But there’s still so much more we can do to help our community. We’re launching a kickstarter fundraising campaign ( to expand our garden plots to reach more people, plant a community medicinal garden, begin a compost program, make the garden more accessible, expand our therapeutic and educational programming, and to support many other projects.
We’re asking your help to give what you can and also spread our kickstarter program to as many people and avenues you think might be interested in helping. Your help can greatly improve our community. Please feel free to ask us any questions, and thank you for your time.

Josh Singer, Co-Director of Wangari Gardens

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You would get 100 times the benefit to the community if you just required everyone on SNAP benefits living within half-mile of the garden to work there at least 2 hours a week.


What a great project. Where in DC is the garden located (or did I miss that on the Kickstarter page somewhere)?  Sounds like there’s so much the garden will have to offer the community (all of the community, without regard or judgment as to whether someone’s on SNAP) and I look forward to reading more and contributing. 


Wangari Gardens is awesome and I’ll definitely contribute.  Are you guys a 501(c)3?  If you’re not, you should be.  It will lead to an increase in your donaitons. If you are, then you should update your kickstarter page and mention it.

homegirl – nice to see you read my posts carefully enough to think you can discern my state of mind, but you’re not understanding this one.   I made a suggestion, not a  judgement.  And I believe in my suggestion.  Gardening is beneficial but hard work, particularly in Wangari Gardens, which is very large & very hot.  I know and work with a lot of people on public benefits and believe it is demeaning to them, harmful to society and actually immoral to require nothing from those who are physically able to work  in return.
I’ve given away at least 30 pounds of produce from my garden this summer to neighbors on SNAP.  While I’m happy to be able to share my bounty, and always strive toward genuine giving, I also find it strange that not one of them has ever offered to come over and help in the garden.  I’ve even had one woman ask for lettuce, but when I told her to come over and help herself – instead of me handing her a bag that I’ve picked, washed & dried for her – she couldn’t be bothered.
I think Wangari gardens and other community gardens are great and wish them the best.  It doesn’t prevent me from having other, bigger ideas.


Hey all, thanks so much to everyone who has pledged so far – we’ve gotten $2,595 of our $5,750 goal!  @jcm: We are planning to apply for 501(c)3 status soon but we don’t have it yet.  For those of you who haven’t been out to Wangari Gardens, please come visit – we’re located right by the Washington Hospital Center, between Kenyon, Irving & Park Place NW.  

You got it, Josh 🙂

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