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I have a somewhat specific cause that I am interested in donating to, and thought I would see if anyone had any ideas. Growing up, I was always very involved in dance classes. I was not that great, but it gave me a lot of confidence, self-worth, etc, etc. I see a lot of young girls in DC whose families may not be able to afford the same who seem to either 1) get into trouble (whatever form of trouble that may be) because they don’t have anything to do after school and 2) seem to have low self esteem, self worth.

Anyone know of any charities in the DC area or any organizations that allow you to sponsor some sort of regular dance class for young girls who otherwise would not have the financial means to attend?


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Talk to the folks at Jones-Haywood: http://www.joneshaywood.com/

http://www.thebodyloveyogaproject.com/ You can contact Ashley Litecky at Sky House Yoga as she does projects with young girls 🙂

Joy of Motion in Mt Ranier has a great space and a program that fits in exactly with what you are interested in. Not sure how they are set for volunteers, but I know donations are always appreciated!


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