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Topic: Verizon Fios installations in/around Petworth?

Computers and Internet January 27, 2012 at 11:20 am

Verizon Fios installations in/around Petworth?

I still don’t have Fios at my address.  Every month I check Verizon’s DC Construction Location List and it seems like they just list every single street in the city, which is just as annoying as not listing anything.  By submitting random addresses around my house on Verizon’s website, it looks like Fios is installed a mere block away from me (but only on 1 side of the street).  Does anyone out there have information on where Fios is available in Petworth, where installations are currently going on, or how soon it might be before the whole neighborhood has access?  For reference, I live on the 100-block of Webster St, so I’m literally in the far corner of the neighborhood.

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I don’t have Fios but when I moved to my place in CH Verizon told me the same thing about the internet (that it was not in the area yet), I saw a vz phone technician in my building’s basement once and asked him about it and he basically said that that was a crazy answer. So I called vz again and told them that the technician said it was possible to get it, and it finally happened.

We have Fios just off Sherman Circle. Apart from the construction list you mention and the ability to type in your address on their website to find out if you can get Fios, I don’t know of any other information about future deployment. I do think they are actively rolling it out (if I recall correctly Fios wasn’t available at my current address several months before I moved, but it was by the time I moved) but I doubt they would want to be too specific about exact times and locations.


I’d like more info on this too.  The FIOS availability checker is a nightmare — they should just publish a map showing the blocks where it is available and the blocks where construction is actually ongoing.  My block (between the metro and grant circle) has been listed on their “construction list” for over a year.

Their mapping should also be printed in digital print format with detailed information. They should also do some courtesy printing just as printed details in envelopes they sends, just as the process done at

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