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Home and Garden September 15, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Utility cables on exterior of house

Has anyone had experience with (or know of a good professional for) removing old utility cables and hardware from the exterior of a home? I moved into a townhouse in Petworth over the summer, and the house has accumulated a pretty unsightly collection of cables and wires along one side of the building. Some of this is connected to an unused satellite dish, but I have no idea what the bulk of it is for and don’t want to start blindly removing or altering something that might be important. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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If they aren’t your cables then start calling the utilities. Your house isn’t a utility pole, is it? They’ll fix it if you call enough. I bugged Comcast and Verizon for a couple of years about the mess behind my house in Columbia heights, and I finally got a sympathetic tech out and he tidied everything up.
Try to figure out the types of cables, and then call the relevant company. For example, call Comcast for coax, pepco for electrical, etc.

Or you can just follow the wires back to their sources. Some might be cut at both ends, and you can just remove them yourself. The termination point may also provide more info about what the cable is for.

Great post. Yes, I’ve considered the unsightly accumulation of wires on my house too. I’ve also have a large metal conduit that seems to run behind every row house on our block, up against the basement wall. Not sure what it is for but don’t know who to call.

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