Using the Ft. Totten Metro access path from Gallatin St. NE at night?

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Topic: Using the Ft. Totten Metro access path from Gallatin St. NE at night?

Public Safety May 16, 2012 at 10:46 am

Using the Ft. Totten Metro access path from Gallatin St. NE at night?

Moving up to Petworth/Brightwood Park soon and wanted to know if anyone regularly uses the walking path from Gallatin St. NE to Ft. Totten Metro station?
It looks like that path is part of the park system and closes at dark. Anyone have opinions about their comfort level walking that pathway at night, or in the winter time, coming home from the Ft. Totten Metro station? Does anyone know if it actually closes down (gated) after dark?
Here’s the Google Map location:,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia,+United+States&aq=&sll=38.953186,-77.004216&sspn=0.015836,0.025556&vpsrc=0&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=5245+1st+Pl+NE,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia+20011&ll=38.953185,-77.004225&spn=0.007884,0.012778&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=38.953186,-77.004216&panoid=F8KA1ouJhsmE-FGQgD2lqQ&cbp=12,261.64,,0,0
Thanks for any insights!

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Have run on it a few times. It is lit, but still a bit eerie at times. I would say if it was typical commute times, you are probably fine, however, I would definitely not walk on it solo after like 9pm or so.

I live over there, and while I don’t walk it often I bike it at all hours of the night, weeknights and weekends.  There is generally a cop car stationed on the walking path during metro hours, at least until 10 pm on weeknights if not until metro closing.  On a bike I have taken the path much later than that without concern though I would be a little more cautious on foot.  The path itself never closes, and is always lit.

Hello future neighbor. I live in North Michigan Park (the neighborhood directly adjacent to that path) and take it every day and night to and from the Metro. For the most part it is safe. The worst I have run into in the morning are kids sneaking a joint and an old drunk peeing. However there have been some problems there recently with muggings (about 3 over the past 6 months).
The NMP Civic Association has been working with Nat’l Park Service (owners of the park and path) to improve the path and clear branches and trees to make it easier to traverse- our ANC commissioner is actually doing a walkthrough today with the NPS superintendant.
I try to steer clear at night when I’m with my family, but if it’s me (an average male) and buddies, we’ll make the walk. The best thing about Ft. Totten is on the wknds the parking is free near the 7-11 and entrance (not just the commuter lot) so we’ll often park there if we are going to be out very late.
Othewise this path is like any place else in DC- keep your head on a swivel, take out the earbuds, and don’t play on your phone and you will be fine.

I’ve lived in Fort Totten for over 4 years and my wife and I use that walking path for commuting on a daily basis. We’ve never had an issue. We don’t generally use it if we’re walking alone after about 9pm, but other than that feel entirely comfortable. It’s very heavily used and there are regular metro and mpd police patrols as well.
We love the neighborhood and this path to metro was actually one of the reasons why we bought our house. Welcome to the area!

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