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Real Estate August 1, 2012 at 11:50 am

Using realtors in DC to find rentals?

I am looking to move into a new apartment next month. I know
Craigslist is the first place to look for apartments to rent, but are
there any other helpful options? I know realtors are big in other
cities, but do people actually use realtors to find rentals in DC?

Appreciate any and all help!

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Yes, I actually have a friend who went through a realtor to find her place and she was quite pleased with the outcome.  Good luck!

We used Nest to rent out my boyfriend’s house and it seemed like they were working with a bunch of clients to find them rentals.  It turned out great.

I used one to find a place 2 years ago. Worked out just fine.
I actually think places for rent that are listed actually get less attention in DC then craigslist ones. Most listed rentals though seem to be higher end, but there usually are a few deals out there and the realtor is free to use (the person renting the property covers the cost), we did it as there was no down side and it paid off.


Depends on how much you’d like to spend. Seeing as they work on a comission, It’s usually hard to get them to work hard if you’re renting for less than a $2k rental. The rookies may be harder working though. Also, listings on the MRIS are depreasing below two thousand dollars because most people would rather use Craigslist and not pay a comission.

As a rental owner, we used a property management company to manage the property and also to find us vetted tenants.  We paid the cost – I don’t believe there was a cost to the applicants

Yes, some owners post rentals on MRIS, which is what real estate agents use. Carmen Fontecilla ([email protected]) helped me find a rental by showing me places that didn’t appear on CL. She was great, very friendly and knows the DC market well.

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